I couldn’t have been happier with my teacher training at Immersion Yoga Teacher Training Central Coast!The caliber of knowledge from both John and Sunita is unmeasurable compared to most educators in the industry.
I have been looking for a while into Yoga teaching, as when I retired 4 yeas ago and unsure where life would take me next, where unfortunately no where else satisfied the need until I was fortunately to be attending Peninsula Yoga for the past 4 years and learning John Wilson, proprietor, had partnered with Sunita Baste to start Immersion Yoga Teacher Training Central Coast.I was thrilled knowing John had the workings of the human body down to a fine art. John always explains, during the yoga sessions, why in this yoga posture (asana) this muscle is extending and this muscle is contracting, he would explain what was happening to the body and as an instructor to be I needed to know and understand the same. Then I meet the wonderful Sunita, with her gentle manner and a head so full of the Philosophy and all the underlying aspects of the true meanings of “Yoga”! This beautiful woman is a true Yogini!
Trust me, no other course compares!
Namaste`, Gina Schacht- Hendriksen    IYTTCC Graduate September 2019

I would like to share with you my experience with my 350-hour, Advanced teacher training course with Immersion Yoga. :-In the beginning I did feel little overwhelmed with how much content there was in the course, I hadn’t studied for some years, however, as the course progressed, I found it very manageable and realised that I was retaining all of the extensive, ancient, knowledgeable and wonderful teachings. The pace of the course was great, a combination of theory and Asanas blending well. We also had many feedback sessions and check ins, to ensure that we are all ok, enjoying ourselves, as well as sharing our personal growth through the course and of course, practicing Ahimsa! I appreciate the knowledge, nurturing, understanding and patience, that my very learned yoga teachers provided throughout the course. John and Sunita are very personable, wise, loving, approachable and were available to us at all times if any concerns were raised. I feel that this course has impacted my life in many ways, not just through my personal improvement of poses, practice or asanas, but with the philosophy and the understanding and history of yoga that were discussed and studied. Yoga to me now, as I move forward, is a dedication, a solid foundation that I will always treasure and that will guide me throughout my life. I feel more grounded, assured and confident in my approach to yoga and in my personal life as a Celebrant and a Spiritual teacher. I feel blessed to be teaching now at Peninsula Yoga on Gnostic at Woy Woy, this brings a beautiful balance into my life. I cannot recommend this course any highly, if you want to have a fulfilled and happy life this just may be the first step on your journey, with loving support along the way. Warmest Blessings – Maureen Catherine Crawley

I have recently completed the 350hr advanced yoga teacher training with Immersion Yoga Teacher Training Central Coast. I was impressed with our teachers Sunita and John and their vast knowledge, experience and wisdom and the commitment that they made to bring out the best in each student. They provided a relaxed and friendly environment in which to practise and learn. The course was well structured, class notes were comprehensive and easy to understand and the instruction given was first class. Content was extensive, from Asana, History and Philosophy, Anatomy and Physiology, Sanskrit, Ayurveda and much more. This course has completely changed my life and I would highly recommend Immersion Yoga Teacher Training Central Coast to anyone interested in progressing further in their yoga journey. Namaste. Carolyn Masterson

I recommend the 350 hour Advance Yoga Teacher Training to anyone who wants to teach Yoga or who simply wants to further their own Yoga practice and knowledge. The course was comprehensive and included subjects such as Anatomy, Asanas, Pranayama, Philosophy, Sanskrit, Teaching and Running a Yoga Business. The teachers had complementary skills and each had a wealth of knowledge and experience which they shared generously. I particularly enjoyed John’s Postural and Functional Assessment class and Chair Yoga. Sunita’s classes I most enjoyed were Ayurveda and Pranayama.  By the end of the course, I was confident and able to structure and deliver a Yoga class. The most benefit I had was in fine-tuning my own daily practice. I share Yoga with family members and next year I plan to teach a course that combines Yoga, Ayurveda and Nutrition. I am very appreciative of my teachers and fellow students, and to have been part of this wonderful experience. Thank you – Maria McCarthy MBA, BHSc (Naturopathy)

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