Meditation Teacher Training

Are you:
Interested in learning how to meditate
Interested in enhancing your mediation practice
Interested in learning how to use Mantra in your meditation
Interested in learning how to teach meditation to group situation
Interested in learning how to ‘tailer made’ and create meditation courses for your and your client’s requirements.

Then Immersion Yoga Teacher Train ing Central Coast’s Meditation Teacher Training is for you.

Stay tuned for dates and location for 2020

Day one:
History & philosophy and origins of meditation along with different traditions, eg. Vedanta, Tantra, Yoga philosophy Origins of primordial sounds of mantra.

Day two:
Understanding science behind meditation, understanding how and why meditation have such a positive impact on our overall health and wellbeing.
Understanding how meditation works as intervention to our conditioning of our mind.
Learning how to cultivate awareness of our mind, body, breath, environment and bring ourselves in state of balance
Understanding importance of posture and energy flow

Day Three:
How to bring meditation into our day to day life, finding out what will work your & teaching your clients how to make mediation accessible in present times.
Learn how to create daily routine
Exploring different meditation techniques from yoga philosophy & Buddhist meditations

Day four:
Designing effective communication skill to integrate in teaching meditation.
Learning how to create meditation practice for individual’s or group’s needs.
Developing your own teaching style
And much more
Day ending with graduation Certificate ceremony

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