150 hour Immersion Advance Yoga Teacher Training

Start Date: 04/07/2020 end date 06/09/2020

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Immersion Yoga Teacher Training Central Coast- level 2 is 150 hr YTT certification is Yoga Alliance registered Internationally recognised Yoga Teacher Training which offers you opportunity to deeply enrich your yoga practice and further enhance your understanding and teaching of yoga. This comprehensive 150 hr YTT is perfect for you if you have completed 200hr or more YTT and you want to continue your yoga learning journey. Learn advance understanding of postural assessment, advance pranayama techniques, comprehensive understanding of yoga philosophy and Ayurveda, and meditation techniques. The course can be steppingstone for Yoga Therapy training. The course will be offered on weekends starting from

You will learn:
o Postural & functional assessment: Learn advance postural assessments, learn to assess range of motion, muscle strength and flexibility in application to yoga poses.

o Therapeutic Modifications: Learn how to adapt and modify poses according to client’s needs. Learn how to use yoga props.

o Yoga Philosophy level 2: In-depth understanding of Nadis, Koshas, subtle energy channels and chakras.

o Pranayama level 2: Learn working with subtle energy using yogic breathing practices. Learn 5 advance pranayama practices to work with movements of energy through subtle energy channels.

o Mudras: Mudras are hand gestures that guides the energy flow to specific areas of the brain. Learn therapeutic applications of Mudras

Microsoft Word – IYTTCC prospectus 150hrs .docx

Yoga for special Needs: Making your class accessible for kids, seniors, pregnancy, chair yoga & much more

o Meditation & relaxation: explore different advance types of meditation and relaxation techniques and benefits of these practices.

o Restorative Yoga: Learn restorative asana to reduce stress and calm the mind.

o Ayurveda for Yoga: Learn principles of yoga’s sister branch Ayurveda in association with teaching yoga. Learn Ayurveda constitutions and how to develop yoga practices for these constitutions.

o Sanskrit: Learn names of poses and correct pronunciations. Unlock the secrets of mantra chanting.

Reading Requirements:

  • Heart of Yoga by T. Desikachar
  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of success by Deepak Chopra
  • Asana, bandha, Mudhra, Pranayama, by Swami Satyananda Saraswati
  • Ayurveda: The Science of Self–healing by Dr Vasant Lad
  • Total learning hours:
  • 135 hrs – Face to face
  • 4 hrs assessments & practicums
  • 1 hrs mentoring
  • 5 hrs assisting senior teacher
  • 15 hours of self-study

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